Resource of Note

Richard Byrne has been blogging for five years at, and he is a curator extraordinaire.  He has won many awards from the “bloggies” and continues to share great resources with sometimes multiple posts per day.  Perhaps of interest to members of the IT570 class, he has a link at the top for “PLN,” which happens to look a lot like a PLE, but rather than using a blog, he encourages the use of Twitter, Classroom 2.0, or The Educator’s PLN.  His linked presentation provides some tips for getting connected with others.  The benefits, I suppose, are assumed to be great.  During our class, I joined Twitter, followed a few education news groups and a few famous educators, and now I already have more resources than I could ever use for my 401 classes and ideas in general.  The limitations of Twitter, the 140 character limit, is overcome by most through including links to more detailed information.  Today I found a webinar tweeted by Education Week on flipped classrooms that I plan to watch tomorrow when I’m on a PC.

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